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Elsword Update INT-[Wednesday, November 1 2017]

Elsword Update INT-[Wednesday, November 1 2017]

You Better Run, You Better Hide, You Better Imitate the Monsters That Roam About – We’re Coming for You!

Heya Adventurers! Want to play Hide-and-Seek on Halloween in the cemetery? Who doesn’t?! Join the dead at the Spooky Graveyard once again but this time with other people! Either you’re hiding and disguising yourself as any of the adorable ghouls (don’t forget to copy their movements or you’ll give yourself away!)  or you’re the one looking for hidden friends, it’s guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours (as long as you have enough tickets, of course) and the rewards are totes awesome too! A bunch of dungeon-related revamps are coming out this week as well and it will make your dungeon adventures more streamlined! Yay revamps! And as always, we have awesome stuff coming to the Item Mall so don’t forget to check everything out tomorrow!

Elsword’s Spooky Hide and Seek!

Become both the hunter and the hunted in this fast-paced Hide and Seek Halloween Event Dungeon!

  • Experience DOUBLE REWARDS 4x A DAY EVERYDAY with the Spooky Burning Event!
  • Complete the Hide and Seek event dungeon ONCE and you’ll get a Resentful Ghost’s Trace every time you do!
  • Once you’ve collected enough, you can exchange the Resentful Ghost’s Tears through Ariel for awesome rewards like: [Cobo] Haunting Zombie, [Cobo] Haunting Mummy, [Cobo] Haunting Ghost (you can craft for all three for an awesome Halloween Accessory), EXP Medals, Drop Rate Medals, and more!

Dungeon and Gear Revamp!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get in the dungeon and gear revamp!

  • More Energy Shards from Add’s Energy Theory Fusion Dungeon! You now get a daily quest that rewards you with 10 Energy Shards and dismantling Type – Void Weapons will now yield up to 100 Energy Shards! Awesome!
  • Heroic Dungeons will now have 1 Difficulty Mode and the rewards will be adjusted to give out rewards once available in Hell Mode.
  • Secret Dungeon difficulty has been lowered for players Lvl 70 to 89! And Luto Mode will only be available for players Lvl 90 and up.
  • Sacrificed Adventurer’s Items will now drop as Secret Dungeon Equipment Cubes. And Village Blacksmith can now upgrade them. Plus, El Rewards used to upgrade them has been decreased!
  • All these and so much more tomorrow!

Item Mall Goodies

Ain’s got his game on with two awesome Ice Burner Sets coming your way! Transform our Angel into a harbinger of death with Thanatos Ice Burner or turn him into the ultimate protector with Velder Imperial Knight Ice Burner!

That’s all for now, folks~
See y'all in game!

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